Erin Hopes

Lucid Dreaming

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Lost Domain

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Compilation of scattered early works by Erin Hopes. 160bpm+, ultra-emotional dream-tekno>neo-trance>space tracks. Romantic/relentless, up/down, weary/wired. Fed on gabber, dressed by Juicy Couture, watched over by Paris Hilton (mk1).

Erin Hopes is a producer from Glasgow and operates the label Manic BB.

At once utterly compelling, sublime and arresting - this is higher plan spiritual / cosmic techno that sounds completely out of this world and unbearably delicious. Rousing ultra-human feels for engaged individuals! 

Highly recommended! 


Matt says: Stopped me dead in my tracks this. Arresting, turbo-charged amalgamation of trance, gabba (!) and romantic electronics. Don't let the face pace put you off - this is some seriously emotional music and a template that's yet to be fully explored. Brilliant introduction to this Scottish artist. TIP!


Aquarius Rising
Escape - Ist
I Dont Want To Feel
The Little Mermaid
Time Robot
Dare To Dream

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