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Good Day For Drying

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Bingo Records

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Ten years of work. Twenty releases released. Thirty million pounds banked. It's a year for irrelevant milestones for Mr Ben & the Bens, as they return with a new album, which is just over forty minutes long.

On 'Good Day for Drying' Ben airs out songs that have dwelt in his head for a while. Songs that have been waiting for a day when they can be put out there, on show, and left subject to the volatile weather of public opinion.

Having been written some time ago, many of these songs were test-driven during solo gigs throughout Sheffield in the first half of 2022. A week in the Tesla Studios in Meersbrook with Glover and the bulk of it was there. Nobody honestly knows what mastering is (trade secret), but that happened, and now you can listen to it.


1.When They Hear Your Name 03:25
2.Tendrils 03:13
3.Walking Away 02:22
4.Are You Talking To Me? 01:50
5.I Am Your Friend 04:18
6.Prancer 02:29
7.It's Happening Again 03:27
8.Hey Blues 03:12
9.Nape Of My Neck 02:48
10.Glover's Lane 02:36
11.Apple Cart Undertakers 04:58
12.Common Flu 03:26
13.Lender 03:19

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