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Bashkka coming in strong with her biggest release to date filled with high-energy tunes! The mesmerizing title track, 'Act Bad,' has set dance floors ablaze across the globe, and earned the esteemed title of Top Summer Hit from Groove Magazine. Includes big remixes by Roza Terenzi, Hyperaktivist, Sedef Adasi, and AKUA. This illustrious ensemble perfectly encapsulates the essence of the project - an impassioned homage to the tight-knit community of allies and pioneering femme leaders who remain steadfast in their mission to challenge prevailing industry norms and dismantle the barriers that have long hindered marginalized communities' path to success. As each contributor works tirelessly on their own endeavors, they collectively construct vital support systems that foster sustainable growth and uplift those in need within our midst. Graciously funded by the generous support of Initiative Musik, also empowered Bashkka to co-direct her very first music video, in collaboration with the visionary director Valentin Noujaim, based in Copenhagen. Big package with a beautiful and versatile collection of dancefloor work-outs!


Matt says: With a smattering of booty bass, a large helping of vogue attitude, and a stadium-slaying outlook, "Act Bad" has rightfully earned tune of the summer in some circles. Now backed with some cranium-splitting, jugular-busting remixes in tow, this is one peak time package you don't wanna be without.


01 Act Bad
02 Act Bad (roza Terenzi Remix)
03 Defol (hyperaktivist Remix)
04 C Quence Of Calamities
05 C Quence Of Calamities (sedef Adasi Remix)
06 Aziza (akua Remix)

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