Levitation Sessions

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The Reverberation Appreciation Society

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Levitation Sessions return with a live performance album from Goat. Despite their cryptic and secretive lifestyle, the mysterious Swedish collective have been at the forefront of modern psych, and this live release follows a decade of cult-classic LPs - each a timeless entry into the psych canon, a heady mix of world music, 60s fuzz, afrobeat and funk grooves and Swedish psychedelia, from their 2012 debut World Music, to their most recent 2023 release, Medicine. Their Levitation Session live album was recorded in the heart of winter in early 2023, capturing the alchemy of the band’s creative process and a glimpse of their legendary live show, filmed in the band’s studio headquarters. 


Barry says: A live document of one of the most important bands in the world of psychedelic rock. Goat are a force to be reckoned with in the recorded medium but it's in their fluid, grooving live iteration that the tunes really come alive. This Levitation session has the best of both worlds. Essential.


1. Golden Dawn
2. Under No Nation
3. Fill My Mouth
4. Lorcan
5. Do The Dance
6. Behind The Plank
7. Queen Of The Underground
8. Let It Burn
9. Midnight Madness

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