T Funk Collective

Do You Wanna Party / Party Time

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Regulate Recordings

About this item

The T Funk Collective are a synth loving duo hailing out of Manchester UK; DJ T2Funk and Atomphunk. They started out in the mid-nineties DJing playing quality house music at the CLEAR parties in warehouses, bars, clubs, forests and beaches in and around Stockport, Manchester and Wales. DJ T2Funk is a multi-genre DJ who is rostered on Manchester’s Selectahs DJ Agency and the owner of Regulate Recordings. Atomphunk has deep house roots and productions on labels such as Toko Records, 3AM Recordings, Urban Torque Records and Deepfunk Records (USA).

The fuses fuses hip hop, funk, party breaks and plenty more into a pair of authentic old school sounds. ‘Do You Wanna Party’ blends funky guitars, snapping drums, squelching basslines, impressive horns. Do You Wanna Party once again see’s turntablist DJ Stet and DJ Deviant cutting up the vocals to culminate in a melting pot of a synth based melodic flavour. ‘Party Time’ is synth fused party vibe track that builds with driving basslines and a vocal hook into a latin synth section of grooving layered keys. 


A. Do You Wanna Party
B. Party Time 

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