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Environment 7.003

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FSOL present the final instalment in the Environments Trilogy. “7.003” goes deeper and darker than the previous two albums, the flavour here harping back with memories of the groups 90s sounding pre “Dead Cities” album. On this release we have swamp laden electronics dripping from cavernous breakbeats weaving in and out of otherworldly chords and strings firmly back in the driving seat. FSOL deliver not only the final piece of the jigsaw but a clever jaw-dropingly sensorium.


Barry says: Crisp percussive trickles and paddling guitar snippets weave around each-other into echoing electronic chirps. There are moments of jagged, glitched unease but the soaring melodic direction and airy, echoic haze more than offset that. As ever, a wonderful and perfectly produced outing from FSOS.


1. Future Testaments
2. Resting Point
3. A Desolate Stretch Of Night Road
4. Where All Is Ending
5. Overwrite
6. I'm Eating Here
7. Echos Of Inherent Sense
8. A Space In The Subsequent Familiar
9. Drift Incline
10. Trichome
11. Absence Of Solution
12. Kwaahu
13. Ruler
14. Awkward Shape

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