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Me Neither

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Me Neither is a 29 track double album of instrumental guitar music. While juggling a number of other projects James Elkington began writing "music for which there was no purpose." It became a new way of working for him - waking up each morning and improvising and recording the first thing that came into his head. "The only rules I gave myself were that I should make most of the sounds with a guitar, changing the speed or processing the recordings afterwards to get the effect I was looking for." Before long he had an albums worth of material. About mid-way through the second album Elkington had a liberating thought: he was making his own version of library music "if you’re writing library music, you don’t have to know what it’s for - that can be someone else’s job.


1. No-Shows
2. Burial At See
3. A Message For The Janesville King
4. A Round, A Bout
5. Look Spectral!
6. The 100-Faced Magma
7. A Breathable Liquid
8. The Permeable Realm
9. Section 2
10. Double Orchid
11. Part The Thin Painter From His Work
12. Every Second Morning
13. Section 3
14. Me Neither
15. Contact Twig Entanglement
16. New Red Masterpiece
17. Cup Cape
18. The Bird Renamed
19. Psycasts In Love
20. Where For Do I Run
21. The Home Counties
22. Today’s Dictation
23. Untidled
24. Sleep Baguettes Sleep
25. Infintu B
26. Tree Breather
27. The Incredible Waist Of Time
28. Nor Yet Door But The One
29. The Winner Takes It All

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