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Two-time ARIA Award-winning Naarm/Melbourne-based psychedelic jazz outfit Mildlife present their much-anticipated third studio album, Chorus. Following 2020’s Automatic and 2017’s Phase, Chorus arrives as Mildlife’s most optimistic record, serving as a sonic testament to the band’s unwavering adoration for the beguiling realms of 70s psychedelic and cosmic sounds.

“Chorus is about a coming together of disparate elements. Not in some sort of utopian aesthetic where everything works perfectly, but in the natural flow and state of things,” shares the band’s Jim Rindfleish. “It’s about cosmic compatibility and chemistry: what makes things work? Not just what makes the band work, but what makes good music, art or love? It’s the rhythm of nature”. 


Barry says: Mildlife in 'Ridiculously Smooth Psych-jazz Shocker'. If you haven't heard this Melbourne band's previous studio LP's or the brilliant Live In Pompeii reminiscent 'Live From south Channel Island', then now is a perfect time to hear the zenith of their creativity and songwriting capabilities. 'Chorus' is the perfect distillation of the band at their silken best.


1. Forever
2. Yourself
3. Sunrise
4. Musica
5. Chorus
6. Future Life
7. Return To Centaurus

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