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Joy And Pain - Dr. Packer Remixes

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High Fashion Music

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Following the huge success of “Serious”, remixed by Michael Gray, we now dive into the enchanting world of “Joy & Pain,” a timeless masterpiece penned by the legendary Frankie Beverly of Maze fame. Performed by the brilliant Donna Allen and expertly remixed by the maestro himself, Dr Packer. With his trademark nu disco groove, Dr Packer unleashes an irresistible sonic force, propelling you into a realm where Donna effortlessly takes the reins with her divine R&B prowess. Together, they embark on an awe-inspiring journey, catapulting you into the very heart of dancefloor ecstasy. Dr Packer unveils a package of unparalleled excellence, breathing new life into this classic gem and ensuring its enduring legacy.


Matt says: Dr Packers housifies Donna Allen's take on this classic Maze joint. Tastefully done, it'll surely be big a hit at Horse Meat Disco, Homoelectric, Supernature and all churches of the disco ball.


1. Joy And Pain (Dr Packer Extended Main Mix)
2. Joy And Pain (Dr Packer Dubstrumental Mix)

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