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Released in 1993 on Mute’s subsidiary label NovaMute, this record was the debut for Richie Hawtin’s alias Plastikman. 30 years on Sheet One is a landmark album in the field of electronic music, it changed the shape of what the genre could be and became.

Introducing one of techno's most recognisable logos, the album achieved a degree of notoriety for its acid blotter-style perforated artwork. Musically it focuses on laser-precise minimalist rhythms to drive a series of echo-box acid lines that gradually acquire power over the course of lengthy album tracks, with frequent use of the Roland TB-303, which gained prominence in the electronic music world as a staple of Chicago's acid house scene. Hawtin once described Sheet One perfectly in an interview with MusicRadar, saying "...It's music for the end of the party as you're melting into the floor, which is exactly what the name Plastikman was made to represent."

This seminal album helped to establish the template for minimal techno, and is a must listen for lovers of electronic music.


Matt says: For someone who came to Richie Hawtin via 1999's "Decks, FX & A 909" and his M_Nus label (conceived in '98) - to learn of this album existing some five or six years previous what a bit of a revelation. A stripped back and futuristic record; exploring the multifaceted Roland 303 - it's become widely accepted as one of the greatest 'acid' records ever made. Plus it's got one of the best logos in dance music history.


1. Drp
2. Plasticity
3. Gak
4. Okx
5. Helikopter
6. Glob
7. Plasticine
8. Koma
9. Vokx
10. Smak
11. Ovokx 

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