Lone Bison

Wave Construction

Image of Lone Bison - Wave Construction
Record Label
Castles In Space

About this item

Lone Bison / Nick Bonell lives by the sea in Ramsgate. Mainly a guitar player and pedal junky, Nick bought a used Korg MS20 and fell in love with synths. As one half Stuntmen, Nick released the sample-heavy single 'You're the Beat Find' on the very groovy Tummy Touch label, which led to him scoring three Ford adverts in the U.S and a few pieces of well-used production music - which paid for more synths and pedals! An album, 'Transistor Memory' and single 'Drugs' came out via Dom Martin's Polytechnic Youth records in 2021.

Lone Bison's music is influenced by Krautrock, electronica, post-punk, soundtracks and post-rock.

Wave Construction is his first album for Castles in Space. There will be many more.

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