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I, Jonathan - 2023 Repress

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As the founder of infuential proto-punk band The Modern Lovers, Richman had
strived to convey authentic emotions and storytelling with his music. 'I, Jonathan'
continued this aesthetic with simple and sparse rock and roll arrangements, and
straightforward lyrics about everyday topics, such as music, parties, summer, and dancing. It is widely- regarded as one of his best works, and is considered an influential album in the lo-f genre.

This is the 2023 re-press on black vinyl.


1. Parties In The U.S.A.
2. Tandem Jump
3. You Can't Talk To The Dude
4. Velvet Underground
5. I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar
6. Rooming House On Venice Beach
7. That Summer Feeling
8. Grunion Run
9. A Higher Power
10. Twilight In Boston

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