Florence Miller

I'm Just A Lonely Girl / The Groove I'm In

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Two hidden gems from the P&P vaults courtesy of a scarcely known talent from Georgia, Florence Miller get an official reissue 'I'm Just A Lonely Girl' and 'The Groove I'm In'. With only two releases to her name, both of which came on Peter Brown’s P&P Records, ‘The Groove I'm In’ released around 1975 got the attention of the Northern and Modern Soul scenes in the mid ‘90s becoming a real star of the show. Since then, it’s maintained consistent demand on the second-hand market with originals selling for over £200.

As with most of Peter Brown's artists, they briefly emerged on the sparsely distributed P&P label, for a brief stab at stardom only to disappear when Peter's attentions moved on to the next releases. Consequently, very little is known about the multi-talented and sadly ignored Florence Miller following her two releases on the Harlem label. Clearly though, the music speaks for itself with the quality of the P&P catalogue and this Florence Miller slice of magic shining through to this day.


A1. I'm Just A Lonely Girl
B1. The Groove I'm In

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