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At long last Andres returns to Mahogany! His fifth album to date, it features more of his industry standard MPC chops, dusty soul samples, snappy Dilla-esque drums and 'nuff bump for your trunk! The formular ain't changed, but it's definitely a refined, sleek, and multisensory experience at hand...

The way his tracks unfurl and naturally develop is half the genius of Andres, perfectly demonstrated on A-side closer "Listen To The Sound"; while speeding up the tempos on tracks like "Cybermate", the producer invents his own hybrid of ghetto-tech / booty-electro few can replicate. 


Matt says: Sure to cause a stampede amongst Detroit house lovers. Andres has been a mainstay on Moodymann's Mahongany label from day dot (I think he dropped the forth release on the label back in 2002). His numerically ordered albums have always been widely celebrated and "V" is no exception - the perfect pairing of dusty samples, MPC innovation, and Motor City grit.


A1. Praises
A2. Cybermate
A3. Listen To The Sound
B1. Autumn Getaway
B2. Funky 2Step
B3. Detoxfromtheworld
B4. I Need It
B5. Junglestroll

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