Swansea To Hornsey - Anniversary Edition

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Due to unprecedented demand TRAMPOLENE (the Welsh group, not the bouncy thing spelled with an ‘i’!) will re-release their classic debut album ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ (Anniversary Edition)  through Strap Originals.

On the same day singer, guitar slinger and lead Tramp, Jack Jones, will publish his first novel, also entitled ‘Swansea To Hornsey’. Says Jack Jones: “The album and the book is ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ as it should have been. We couldn’t find anyone to publish the book the first time round. I always wanted to give fans the ultimate experience of listening to the album & reading my book. I was gob smacked when Peter (Doherty) said he loved the book so much he was gonna start a publishing company and put my book into the world…not something you hear every day. We edited it together as we drove across Europe…getting to know each other even deeper. It was a magical time, and now this all feels like a surreal dream. The album has been going for silly money on eBay & fans are always asking for it to be re-pressed…so we thought f**k it, let’s make it happen.”


Artwork Of Youth
Imagine Something Yesterday
Alcohol Kiss
Dreams So Rich, Life So Poor
The Gangway
You Do Nothing For Me
Primrose Hill (cd Only)
The Boy That Life Forgot
Beautiful Pain
Already Older Than I Dreamed I’d Be
Blue Balls & A Broken Heart
Storm Heaven
Pound Land

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