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2lanes arrives with "Tincture / My Simulacra", from his recently minted label Auto Shop. The record solidifies the cinematic textures, industrial nature and rusty low-end percussive drive of 2lanes’ earlier releases this year, “Diamond Rain EP'' & “Sid Ranger Redux EP.” Spending much of this past year on the road, 2lanes dove headfirst into the contemporary electronic music world, meeting an array of new and exciting producers, some of which are featured remixers on this release.

On the A side, "Tincture" is a hefty slice of x-rated industrial sludge. Featuring Akillaco the tracks lands somewhere between Peaches, Sophie and Modeselektor with grinding gears, expletive vox and pounding beats. Howling Diablos gives the track a bit of swing on his version, utilizing the vocal nicely and stripping back the industrial elements to just bass and drums. Milla's dub mix of said track strips everything back to just bass plumes, echoed synth fragments and cavernous reverb, a real dive down the dub chamber which nods heavily to Basic Channel.

"My Simulacra" on side B revisits that brief geo-specific subculture called Detroit sludge. With pitched down drums, thick gloopy textures and a kinda dark, sci-fi aesthetic. Jialing is on hand to make the track more tribal, with a skitty, almost UKF beat nicely padded with out whistles and wubs. Finally 1morning hits the accelerator for a modern techno romp that's all squashed bass, rapid hats and gurgling mid range.

A seriously out-there, adventurous and singular record of which I can't really draw much comparison. 2Lanes is nicely evolving the musical legacy of the Motor City whilst not getting caught up in all its past glories. Highly recommended. 


Matt says: Detroit has a habit of reinvention and innovation and 2lanes spearheads that mentality with each and every release. Not looking to the past, the producer somehow encompasses the grind and mechanics of the Motor City with an experimental and modernist attitude which takes it beyond the techno embryonics wence it came.


A1. Tincture Ft. AKILLACO
A2. Tincture (Howling Diablos Mix)
A3. Tincture (Millia’s Dub Mix)
B1. My Simulacra
B2. My Simulacra (JIALING’S Big Club Mix)
B3. My Simulacra (1morning’s Phast Phunk Mix)

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