Seeds Of Fulfillment

Solemn Solitude

Image of Seeds Of Fulfillment - Solemn Solitude
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Mo-Jazz Records

About this item

Some years ago we have released two albums by The Seeds of Fulfillment; their self-titled studio album plus a second one with a so far previously unreleased live performance. For this 45 RPM single we chose the fantastic "Solemn Solitude" backed with another previously unreleased live tack. "Deja Vu" was written by Isaac Hayes and first recorded by Dionne Warwick. The SOF version features the wonderful Jeanette Williams on vocals. It was played on the air March 9, 1980 on Jazz 104 WBBY.


1. Solemn Solitude
2. Deja Vu (feat. Jeanette Williams)

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