Robert Dietz

RIP To My Idea Of You

Image of Robert Dietz - RIP To My Idea Of You
Record Label
Nous'klaer Audio

About this item

Berliner Robert Dietz lands on the Rotterdam label Nous'klaer Audio with the summery (bit late! - Ed) five-tracker "RIP To My Idea Of You". A record infused with beautiful melodies and bright, energy boosting drums - for the club, home and everything in between. The vinyl comes with a special poster designed by Hendrik Schneider. We're really loving this record - it floats on electric energy, tantalizes with its textures and sounds hi-tech AF. Highly recommended! 


Matt says: Sophisticated dance music with a playful disposition and highly advanced synthesis. Some of the sounds on display are mesmerizing and there's plenty of variation across the five tracks.


1 Crop Circle
2 Should I Get A Dog
3 Rip To My Idea Of You
4 Everything You Do Melody Version
5 Picking Grapes

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