It Takes Grit

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Dark Machine Funk

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Kerrie from Eastern Bloc hits us with the forth EP on her Dark Machine Funk imprint which has impressed with every release and left us in no doubt that she's one of the northwest's most hardcore machine manglers.

"It Takes Grit" is the autological eponymous track - a blitzed-up and corrosive blend of Brummy techno influences and anarchistic, feral, almost free party spirit. "Low End Behaviour" keenly shows off the sorceress' polyphonic synth play and caustic sound design. Paired with a stomping groove it's another full-pelt shirt lifter for the wild ones.

Onto side B and "Count On Geiger" wraps strangling synths and face slapping, rib-cracking drums around a nagging mechanic drone (that I can only assume, given the track title, Kerrie has lifted or was inspired by a Geiger counter!). It's one of those tracks that'll terrify occupants of your living room while you hit another bong toke at 6PM, but give it an aircraft hanger full of kids on drugs and you'll harness more free energy than the Ancient Egyptians could've dreamed of! Pyramid tackle!

"Glitch The System" concludes with one of those skitty, modular-esque sounding buzzes that she's accustomed to sticking on these EPs. A little akin to the Voam label and dare-I-say-it, some of Blawan's earlier experiments. I fuckin' love this record!

Early DJ support from James Ruskin, Daniel Avery, Kwartz, Tensal, Casual Treatment.

Mastered by Paul Mac @ Hardgroove Mastering
Original Artwork by Hankohooligan
Record Design by Kerrie


Matt says: Kerrie once again cajoles her machines into making a fine racket that'll have you beating your chest like a primordial beast atop of some tall podium in the middle of some rave-encrusted aircraft hanger or warehouse. Brilliant!


A1. It Takes Grit
A2. Low End Behaviour
B1. Count On Geiger
B2. Glitch The System

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