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Booty Mission

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Unruly Records

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Reissue of the pivotal early B-More track 'Booty Mission' from the Blunted Dummies (Note: a different group to the one on Definitive Records). Originally released on the 'Mad Trax EP' in 1992 on DJ Boy Records.

This comes with new remixes from Blunted Dummies / Unruly bossman Shawn Cesar and fellow Baltimore legend Debonair Samir amongst others.

The early days of Baltimore Club Music saw it played at popular venues like Club Fantasy, The Ozone, Hammerjack's, and Paradox. DJs Sean Marshall, Marc Henry, Shawn Caesar (at DJs Outlet in Old Towne Mall), Scottie B and Danny Class (at Inner City Records), Technics (at Music Liberated), DJ Patrick (at Sound of Baltimore), and Diamond K and Kenny B (at Electronics & More) all contributed to the mix of hip-hop, house music and homemade beats that made up this new sound. "Booty Mission" (1992) is a creation of Shawn Caesar and Ty "Flex" James and is considered one of the most influential releases, an essential for any Baltimore Club Music fan. It is sure to remain timeless.


Matt says: Granted, the whole 'where the hoes at'? might seem a bit dated or even provocative over here. But as a piece of Baltimore electronic folklore, there are few more important records than this. Each of the remixes adds something different to the pot; and for lovers of that OG 'booty' sound, this is an imperative release.


A1. Booty Mission - Original Mix
A2. Booty Mission - DJ 809 ReMix
A3. Booty Mission - DJ Class 2023 Re-Ish Mix
B1. Booty Mission - Shawn's Turnpike Mix
B2. Booty Mission - DJ Ayy Mello ReMix
B3. Booty Mission - DJ Kool Breez ReMix
B4. Booty Mission - Debonair Samir ReMix

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