Field Lines Cartographer

Phases Of This And Other Moons

Image of Field Lines Cartographer - Phases Of This And Other Moons
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Castles In Space

About this item

"This album features just one synthesizer - a Buchla 208C Easel Command, processed with various effects pedals. It enabled a minimalist approach, focusing purely on tone and atmosphere. Something about the raw sound of this amazing instrument led to thoughts of moons in our solar system: there's something utterly otherworldly and yet oddly familiar about the sound of the Easel - it often sounds more organic than electronic and is simultanously beautiful and mysterious, huge and delicate.

Working immersively over a period of a few weeks, the place frequently arrived at, in the mind's eye, was standing on the surface of one of the moons of Jupiter, or perhaps observing a satellite of Uranus transit across its host planet...a symphony of waxing and waning, colours and patterns across the darkness of space. This soon became a focal point for the record, reflected in the track titles & overall aesthetic, which was then taken to another level with Nick's incredible artwork realisation. This album is a journey mapping strange and beautiful worlds, that whilst close to home, remain tantalisingly just out of reach, except for in photographs, illustrations and of course, our imagination. Our dreams."

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