Hinterland - 2023 Reissue

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In 1999 Aim changed the game with debut album Cold Water Music. Timeless and genre defining, Cold Water Music crossed musical boundaries, inspired countless producers and 125,000+ physical copies and millions of streams later sounds as fresh and as relevant today as it ever did.

In 2002 Aim achieved the seemingly impossible with his critically acclaimed follow up Hinterland. At once a continuation and development of his trademark sound, Hinterland proved the notoriously difficult second album could not only equal its predecessor but surpass it. Featuring intricate instrumentals and inspired guest spots from the likes of Diamond D (‘The Omen’), Souls of Mischief (‘No Restriction’) and Stephen Jones (’Good Disease’), Hinterland is an understated masterpiece that seamlessly combines crisp hip-hop beats (‘Linctus’, ‘From A Seaside Town’) and up-tempo grooves (’Guimar’, Vipco’) with Aim’s bucolic aesthetic and ever-present sense of blissful melancholy.

Over twenty years on from its original release ATIC Records is thrilled to present the definitive Hinterland vinyl reissue. Fully remastered from the original DAT master tapes with all-new artwork, Aim explains why it’s taken so long; “I’ve wanted to re-release Hinterland on vinyl for years but it’s only now that the time felt right. I found the perfect new cover image and, amazingly, the long-lost instrumental of ‘A Twilight Zone’ turned up in a dusty attic corner. I was never comfortable with my singing on this track and replacing the vocal version with the instrumental makes Hinterland the record I always thought it should be. I think it’s my best album and it’s exciting to get it out there again for fans that have hounded us for a fresh vinyl release for years and for new ears yet to discover it.”

Hinterland Remastered. Some things are worth waiting for.


A1. Forlorn (Intro)
A2. The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice Feat. Kate Rogers
A3. What Do People Do All Day
A4. No Restriction Feat. Souls Of Mischief
B1. Fall Break
B2. Guimar
B3. Good Disease Feat. Stephen Jones
C1. The Omen Feat. Diamond D
C2. Linctus
C3. Vipco
D1. A Twilight Zone (Instrumental)
D2. From A Seaside Town
D3. Hinterland

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