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Rare Birds: Hour Of Song

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The Bug Club cap off 2023 with their second full-length album - an hour-and-a-bit long double LP called 'Rare Birds: Hour of Song'.

Now then, what could you possibly have to say that takes two records to spit out? Pay attention to this and learn. It's The Bug Club's Hex Enduction Hour. South Wales' Double Nickels On The Dime. It's The Faust Cycle for people with shorter attention spans. Listen to me, why don't you. I'm from the label. I'm relevant. I have a huuuuge record collection, I love name-dropping, and I don't have many friends.

Their eighth release since joining forces with Bingo Records in summer 2020, 'Rare Birds...' is a culmination of a year spent relentlessly touring. But it's not one of those hackneyed road records. It's about birds, to an extent. Well, it is, and it isn't.

Spare us an hour and four minutes. That's what we're asking of you here. It's a big ask, these days.

But if you do, you'll find yourself entrenched in an immersive world of The Bug Club. The other records - with the sardonic and surreal, the riffs and the obsession with outer space - were a run up. With 'Rare Birds...' Sam, Tilly and Dan have created an expansive environment in which we can all bask in a cocktail of garage rock, poetry, nonsense, wordplay, sentimentality and fuck-offs. Ivor Cutler's come round to play with Gordon Gano and Kimya Dawson in a semi-detached in Caldicot. They've made something you're going to really like.


Barry says: Snapping percussion and raucous guitar lines, swimming in post-punk waters but with a wry and keen humour to go along with the impeccable jagged garage-rock instrumentation. Another killer outing from Bingo records.


1. burds Wurds - My First Lie
2. Samuel Was Beautiful Tonight
3. burds Wurds - For Feeling
4. I Will Feel The Same
5. burds Wurds - Tomorrow's Triangle
6. Undone
7. burds Wurds - I Think We'll Go With This
8. Fully Clothed
9. burds Wurds - The Key
10. Marriage 03:36
11. burds Wurds - Shut My Beak
12. Four Sisters
13. burds Wurds - What's Your Sweet Cereal?
14. Is This The Music You Like?
15. Can Ya Change A Thing Like This?
16. burds Wurds - Hot Emptiness
17. We Can't All Play Saxophones
18. burds Wurds - Big Gold Medallion
19. Short And Round 02:40
20. burds Wurds - Louder Than Normal Ha Ha Ha
21. Passionflower, Paperbacks And Woodlice
22. burds Wurds - The Pantry Flap
23. Blues Magicians
24. burds Wurds - The Big Frog
25. Strawberry Season
26. burds Wurds - It's Lovely
27. Do It All Again
28. burds Wurds - Really Nice
29. Drown Me Out
30. burds Wurds - Twelve Surnames
31. One Big Heavy Person
32. burds Wurds - More Of A Pretty Turkish Bookmark
33. Mister Do You Have The Time For Sittin'?
34. burds Wurds - Fish Tongue
35. In My Hour Of Song
36. The Loudest Violin
37. burds Wurds - Now We Can Move On
38. Antique Heirlooms
39. burds Wurds - Cubed Up!
40. Cheap Linen
41. Burds Wurds - Something Small
42. Rare Birds
43. burds Wurds - Ready For Living
44. Three Brians
45. burds Wurds - From One Rare Bird
46. Wide Awake Forever
47. Burds Wurds - This Story's End

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