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Detached Engagement

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Castles In Space

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"The collection of songs that make up ‘Detached Engagement’ are our most personal and emotionally revealing tracks. Recorded over a period of emotional turbulence where we lost loved ones and uncertainty seemed the only constant. Our studio became a hide away, a place of refuge where we could direct our energies into a creative act of understanding and hope. We reconfigured our subversive pop to fit our present situation, the distortion was dialled back, the gauzy tape worn ambiguity was replaced by a more in focus directness. Every song was stripped back to its essential elements revealing a newfound complexity in our song writing and arrangement.

Our devotion to the power of pop has not diminished, we still hold firm that it is a subversive medium to communicate ideas outside of the conventional messages of love and other frivolities. It still has the power to bring people together around a shared vision of how things could be.

We are happy to present these ten missives of post-industrial romance, existential melancholy, new beginnings, songs that linger in the half-light of ‘80’s synth-pop, 90’s trip-hop and electronica. It’s not all that heavy, this one is for the slow dancers and the close dancers."


1. Where Fingers Meet
2. Markers
3. The Entire World Is Outside
4. Strange Shadows
5. Shared Solitude
6. Empty Intentions
7. Borrowed Presence
8. Mouth Bones
9. Funeral Flowers
10. I'm Leaving, I've Left
11. Detached Engagement Front

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