Pete Cannon

The 8-Bit Special EP

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N4 Records

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4 absolutely tearin' Amiga jungle bangers! The packaging alone is worth buying the record for - a retrotastic take on vintage Amiga computer magazines that were rife in the early 90s!

Music-wise expect heavily tiimmeessttrrretched and mangled breaks, growling subs and the odd smattering of hardcore vox twisted to oblivion through the Amiga's infamous sequencing program: Tracker. It's pretty mad to think that the development of jungle was heavily indebted to this piece of software - pretty much the equivalent of when loads of working class Chicago kids discovered the 303 ten years previous. Technology can often inspire and cause serious cultural shifts (just look at the Instagram-centric world we live in today!) but back then, it all seemed so much more creative and revolutionary! 


Matt says: Real retrotastic jungle business here by Pete Cannon who unashamedly boasts the virtues of the Amiga's Tracker program, pivotal in the development of the genre during its embryonic phase. It's quite astonishing when you consider how limited the system was in terms of processing power, memory etc. A proper blast of innovation that's left a permanent mark on underground dance culture.


A1. Booyaka
A2. Reaching Out
AA1. Come Rude Boy
AA2. Falling 

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