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Tonight - Inc. Vick Lavender Remix

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House music's original vocalist Robert Owens has graced many a jam with his indelible vocal stylings; right back to the very origins of the genre with Mr. Fingers. It's rare but not unheard of that he does fully realized compositions, which is what we have here for the Sophisticado label.

"Tonight", benefiting here from a remix by rising newcomer Vick Lavender; is sparkly, liquid deep house - similar in vein to Ron Trent's Electric Blue series with its full fat, thick production; dazzling leads and overal highly charged spiritual current. "Zero" carries on the theme with tough tribal leanings and long, sweeping SFX, bathing the mix in a heady patina that's perfect for getting sweaty to late on in the evening. "Rain" completes the sets with a spiritual house epic complete with gospel vox and a life affirming guitar solo. Ridiculously strong stuff here from Owens who epitomized the spirit of deep house through and through. Recommended! 


Matt says: Chicago house legends don't come much bigger than the true OG Robert Owens - literally around since the birth of the genre! A new EP of solo productions b/w a slick remix by rising new schooler Vick Lavender that's bountiful with deep house goodness.


Side 1
1. Tonight (Vick Lavender's Time Traveler Remix)

Side 2
1. Zero
2. Rain

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