Work My Body / Let's Dance

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Non Stop Rhythm

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Non Stop Rhythm introduce yet another talented new producer who totally delivers the goods. "Work My Body" utilizing archetypal body mechanics and a catch pulse pattern. House music in its more primordial form. "Let's Dance" is a retro-futuristic acid-electro jam, using a classic, Sheffield bleep sound palette full of cowbells, whistles and speaker-busting bass. Finally a second mix of "Work My Body" injects electric currents, sampled rewinds and a vintage breakbeat into proceedings, giving the track an air of b-boy attitude and old school flavour. Ridiculously strong stuff here from Tino who has authentically reproduced some of the top vibes of the golden era. Big tip!


Matt says: Mega triple header of house heat here. High grade body kinetics laced with acid and attitude as Tino explores the embryonic styles of the genre.


Work My Body
Lets Dance
Work My Body (Workout Mix)

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