Lanmou Lanmou

Image of Dowdelin - Lanmou Lanmou
Record Label
Underdog Records

About this item

No spot in music is immovable. No music can sit still but it’s hardly as true as it is for Dowdelin, a band that can’t be tied down to a single geography and genealogy. The Creole language, Caribbean rhythms, urban energies, dazzling virtuosity, sensual electro... The group evolves in a unique place where genres and colors, heritage and audacity can merge. It's an optimistic, potent and intoxicating mix suiting a variety of natural habitats wonderfully. 


A1. Lanmou Lanmou
A2. Tan Nou
A3. Sime Love
A4. Mama We

B1. Shadow On The Wall
B2. Yo We
B3. Somebody New
B4. On Nou Ale

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