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Third album from Allentown/PA three-piece Catatonic Suns: their self-released sophomore LP “Saudade” from early '22 was a feat of sonic guitar haze and grunged out pop.

The new album is a step forward in sound for the band, it sees them blend the underground psychedelia of the late 80s / early 90s Pacific Northwest with the shimmering shoegazery of Britain from the same time. Heavy and soft guitars, songs that soar, these new recordings verge on the epic.

For fans of Screaming Trees, Nirvana, The Verve (early), Loop, Slowdive, and Ride.


Darryl says: Wow wow wow! I've no idea how the Catatonic Suns have suddenly developed into this incredible shoegazing grunge noise beast hybrid, but they've blown our minds with their self-titled third album.
Pitched somewhere between the blissed out shoegaze of Ride & Slowdive and the grungy melodic power of Nirvana, it's one huge sonic monster of an album.
Infact this is so good, it's already a certainty for our End Of Year top 10!


1. Deadzone
2. Slack
3. Failsafe
4. Inside Out (Original Sins Cover)
5. Sublunary
6. Fell Off
7. Be As One
8. No Stranger


Catatonic Suns "Be As One"

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