Ahemaa Nwomkro

Yebre Ma Owuo

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Ahemaa Nwomkro, which means queens of Nwomkro, are Victoria Osei and Theresa Owusuaa. Nwomkro is an old Ashanti musical style, which played an influential role in the origin of the typical more roots-like Highlife style of Kumasi, the cultural capital of Ghana in the middle of the jungle.

On this release the two singers have teamed up with the young generation of Highlife muicians of Kumasi. On guitar is Akule Pepe, who served for years in the group of Highlife legend Alex Konadu, the most on demand band in its time. The two songs are a rare example of how good pure Nwomkro gets together with typical Highlife.


Matt says: While the A side's "Yebre Ma Owuo" contains the frenetic and optimistic vibes we've come to expect from traditional highlife, "Nana Koda Gya Me" on the flip is a seriously moving, psychedelic and sprawling song so evocative I'd give anything to know what they were singing about! Absolute brilliance from Ghana.


1. Yebre Ma Owuo
2. Nana Koda Gya Me

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