Tink Thomas

Mistic Flow EP

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Dirty Crates

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New label debut from Detroit's Tink Thomas (FXHE). Obviously being on Omar S' FXHE label, we expect a certain degree of quality on a show. But if this is what's in store from this producer then we're in for a hell of a ride!  

"Mistic Flow" opens the record, a bucking house cut powered by an offbeat reggae sample and with deep set bass. "Lesson 120" is a rattling rhythmic house cut - one of those highly functional records when constructing a long form DJ mix that adveterous DJs are gonna get plenty of milage out of.  "Gonna Make U Dance" has the same concentric energy, but injects a funky bassline and darting string samples into the mix. One to get your spiraling into the speaker stacks with zero abandon! 

Nice n cheeky "Bam Bam" mix at the end too via the bumpety "Wat A Bam". Big tip on this one folks!


Matt says: If you've got the warm-up slot, but need to keep the energy levels and BPMS high, then you could go far worse than this record! Perfect for that midnight-2AM slot at TWH, I'm not sure if 'the house warm-up' set exists anymore as DJs and promotors opt for big name insta-influencers dropping 1 hour of festival-bangers!


A1. Mistic Flow (Detroit Rude Boy Edit)
A2. Lesson 120 (Werk It Mix)
B1. Gonna Make U Dance (Club Dub)
B2. Wat A Bam (Techy Remix)

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