Disco Computer

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Random Vinyl Netherlands

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Dan Lacksman is a Belgian electronic music pioneer who co-founded the Electro Pop Dance formation Telex and is credited for their classic 'Moskow Diskow.' He also worked under the Transvolta name but put out only one single, 1978's impossibly hard-to-find classic 'Disco Computer.' Dan himself has carefully remastered the original for this special 12" reissue. It's still a retro-future sound all these years later with the signature talk box vocals and sleek drum machines under cosmic synths. On the flip is a long version of 'You Are Disco' which is a similar vibe but with a slightly more lively groove and vocal. Two serene dancefloor gems by any standards.


Mine says: Anyone who bought Jon Savage's compilation 'Do You Have The Force?' (pivotal in my transition from full-time goth to Piccadilly disco queen as Patrick so eloquently put it) from us a couple years back will already be familiar with this space disco gem. Anyone who didn't and who hasn't got this in their lives yet gets a chance now!


Disco Computer
You Are Disco

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