Crime & The City Solution

The Killer

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Crime & the City Solution return with their seventh studio album, and first in 10 years, the killer. Played out over 7 tracks and recorded in Berlin, the record is arguably Crime’s finest work and is set to be their masterpiece.

The album sees central figurehead Simon Bonney’s trademark storytelling surrounded by the deep, layered and mesmerising instrumentation created by this new incarnation of the band, including long term member Bronwyn Adams and new members Frederic Lyenn, Donald Baldie, Georgio Valentino, Chris Hughes and Joshua Murphy. This is paired with Martin J. Fiedler’s (Josh T. Pearson, Alex White) production, creating a magical atmosphere of foreboding and opportunity.


1. Rivers Of Blood
2. Hurt You, Hurt Me
3. River Of God
4. Brave Hearted Woman
5. Killer
6. Witness
7. Peace In My Time

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