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Love Language

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Mas O Menos

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The latest darlings of the Manchester underground are DJ / producer Joey T and singer-songwriter Lady Lady, whose infectious blend of house, disco, sincerity and charm seem to be winning fans and turning heads the world over.

Released on Levi Love's labour of love, Mas O Menos; this is their first EP - four tracks announcing their arrival with a heartfelt resonance. Conceived after a long lockdown, Joey got in touch with Lady Lady (real name Sally) after seeing her post some songs online and the wheels were put in motion to recording a full EP; fast garnering the attention of the MOM head honcho who just happens to be one of the most charismatic players in the northwest music biz!

Possessing melancholy, yearning and contemplation in equal measure, Sally's vocals rub up against Joey's fizzy beats and squelchy b-line beautifully on EP opener "It's Just Me" - a ode to time spent alone and desiring the company of another.

"Like You" sees thicker house beats swung nicely and wrapped around a subby, woody b-line; whilst Sal turns her lyrical direction to deeper levels of intimacy and understanding between two possible lovers with differing levels of confidence and outlook. It really highlights the depth of skill of this burgeoning songwriter and Joey's symbiotic, sympathetic alignment via some tasteful production chops. Style and class by the bucketload.

Onto side B and "Maybe" sees the songstress rap about desiring someone as yet out of reach, but she's working on changing that! Again, Joey's instrumentals leave me feeling giddy; juxtaposing naivety and sophistication with each element he introduces - for his relative inexperience, here we have a producer in an effortless, confident stride. Something I pray he takes with him into further releases.

Finally, the title track - "Love Language" - a late night, red lit fishing net of deepness and togetherness. Drawing everyone into its warm bosom with a variety of tantalizing and sensual themes; with another arresting vocal performance by Sally who, by this point of the EP, I presume you've fallen as much in love with as the rest of us.

Did I mention that the two people involved (and, infact, everyone at Mas O Menao) are some of the nicest humans I've had the privilege of coming across recently?

This is the start of something very special. Don't sleep on this.


1. It's Just Me
2. Like You
3. Maybe 
4. Love Language

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