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I Get Into Trouble

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Maple Glider is Naarm/Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Tori Zietsch.

On her sophomore album 'I Get Into Trouble', Tori takes her songwriting to another level while she delves into her Christian childhood, exploring topics such as her relationship to her body, consent and shame, as well as the death of relationships, both romantic and familial. Heartbreaking at times, the songs ultimately paint a hopeful picture, shining a light on new life, new love, and the desire to find peace and connection with these experiences.

Ultimately, 'I Get Into Trouble' is the sound of alchemized pain. In each song, Zietsch transmutes tribulation and confusion into clarity and deep insight. She combines the infectious folk-pop hooks of her debut with a sense of scape and scope.

'I Get Into Trouble' follows Maple Glider's acclaimed 2021 debut 'To Enjoy is the Only Thing', a deeply personal project which earned her a performance on NPR's Tiny Desk, as well as praise from Pitchfork ("hypnotic"), Paper ("sublime"), Stereogum ("some voices in indie just hit home") and Rolling Stone (“one of the most accomplished debut albums in recent years.”).


Barry says: A superb return for Tori Zietsch, bringing the woozy off-kilter Americana sound we loved from her 2021 debut and broadening the horizons into a widescreen, majestic display. It's both hugely cinematic and unfalteringly relatable, a triumph of every sort. Lovely.


1. Do You
2. Dinah
3. Two Years
5. Don't Kiss Me
6. You At The Top Of The Driveway
7. You're Gonna Be A Daddy
8. For You And All The Songs We Loved
9. Surprises
10. Scream

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