Betty & The Code Red

Wishful Thinking

Image of Betty & The Code Red - Wishful Thinking
Record Label
Emotional Rescue

About this item

There is always a good backstory to the music that Emotional Rescue releases and this EP is a case in point. It comes from Betty & The Code Red and Betty was the girlfriend of Tunde Obazee, a Nigerian-born artist who used music as a "non-violent tool to express his socio-political opinions on global injustice." The pair would entertain people on campus by playing anything they could get their hands on, informed by the old Edo folk songs they had grown up around. They went on to live in Italy and the US and start a family as well as lay down self-released songs that have become cult classics. A selection of them feature on this, the first of two EPs from the pair.


Matt says: Second outing for this outfit this week. The story (above) is great isn't it? Love a good story me. Thankfully the music also delivers. Three sultry slices of electronic soul with a cheesy group hug on "Memories" to finish.


Wishful Thinking
Na Wahala
Na My Life Be Dis

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