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Immunity - 10th Anniversary Edition

Image of Jon Hopkins - Immunity - 10th Anniversary EditionImage of Jon Hopkins - Immunity - 10th Anniversary Edition
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About this item

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Jon Hopkins’ seminal fourth album, Immunity, a newly remastered version of the record is now available.

A confident, dramatic record defined by an acute sense of physicality and place, Immunity felt and still feels, like the accompaniment to a journey of creativity, a trip inside Hopkins’ mind. It brought together everything he had learnt and experienced already but also paved the way for the evolution of his future records, most recently, 2021’s Music For Psychedelic Therapy.

Immunity was a turning point in Hopkins’ career. On its release in 2013, Immunity announced itself as a powerful, multi-faceted beast, packed with the most aggressively dancefloor-focussed music Hopkins had ever made. However, Immunity was never just about the techno behemoths - of which there were several. Hopkins wanted the album to help people to reach different states of mind. From graceful and mournful piano notes, stirring choral drones, he was always seeking new melodic routes to aid this and his desire to use physical, real-world sounds as the basis for many of the album’s rhythms allowed him to craft one of the most human electronic albums.


Disc 1
1. We Disappear - Remaster 2023
2. Open Eye Signal - Remaster 2023
3. Breathe This Air - Remaster 2023
4. Collider - Remaster 2023
5. Abandon Window - Remaster 2023
6. Form By Firelight - Remaster 2023
7. Sun Harmonics - Remaster 2023
8. Immunity - Remaster 2023

Disc 2 (CD And Download + Download Code With Vinyl)
1. Immunity (Asleep Version)
2. Form By Firelight (Asleep Version)
3. Breathe This Air (Asleep Version)
4. Open Eye Signal (Asleep Version)
5. Abandon Window (Moderat Remix)
6. Breathe This Air (feat. Purity Ring)
7. We Disappear (feat. Lulu James)
8. Open Eye Signal (George Fitzgerald Remix)
9. Collider (Pangaea Remix)

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