Current Joys

B-Sides, Rarities And Demos - 2023 Reissue

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Current Joys

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This third full length album from Nevada native Nick Rattigan, released only a year after his debut, speaks to the young artist’s prolificacy - housing a combination of 14 tracks sometimes unduly considered b-sides (such as the stand out and a - side worthy Let Me Be), rarities (such as the stripped back demo of ‘My Blueberry Life ’ lead track from the previous LP “2013”) and live demos of both released and upcoming gems (such as the 2015 follow up LP Me Oh My Mirror’s anthemic ‘ My Motorcycle’). An album for the real Current Joys heads this fuzzy, treasure laden and often distorted, LP speaks to the process and inner workings of the artist behind it.


1. Nervous
2. Punch Drunk
3. Ghosts
4. My Blueberry Life (Demo)
5. Why Don’t You Cry
6. Close The Door
7. Blue
8. Let Me Be.
9. My Motorcycle
10. Televisions
11. My Spotless Mind
12. Too Hard
13. Why Don’t You Cry (Campfire)
14. Dance Forever Die Together

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