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What A Boost - 2023 Reissue

Image of Rozi Plain - What A Boost - 2023 ReissueImage of Rozi Plain - What A Boost - 2023 Reissue
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Record Label
Memphis Industries

About this item

Rozi Plain’s 2019 ‘What a Boost’ is reissued on limited edition eco-vinyl via Memphis Industries on 14 July. The reissue is timely, following on from the breakthrough success of her 2023 album Prize. ‘What a Boost’ was self-produced with the help of a long list of musical friends including Kate Stables, Jamie Whitby Coles, Neil Smith (all This is the Kit), Chris Cohen, Joel Wästberg (Sir Was) and Sam Amidon.

Rozi Plain has been making music since her brother taught her a few chords on the guitar aged 13. Raised in Winchester, she spent a few years studying art and painting boats in Bristol, where she began collaborating with long-term friends Kate Stables (This Is The Kit) and Rachael Dadd among many others on a thriving local scene. It was there that Rozi made her first two albums, 2008’s Inside Over Here and 2012’s Joined Sometimes Unjoined, each works of deliciously sad and beautiful pop full of heart-wrenching harmonies dotted with unexpected instrumental flourishes. Released in April 2015 on Lost Map and featuring contributions from Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor among others her last album Friend was a deeply meaningful and wonderfully measured ode to memory, place, companionship and music’s remarkable power as an emotional salve.

Almost permanently on tour, Rozi has taken her joyous live show on the road countless times around Europe, the UK and the USA, and has toured with a host of alt-folk luminaries from Devendra Banhart to James Yorkston. She has appeared at festivals including SXSW, Iceland Airwaves, Glastonbury, End of the Road, Latitude, BBC 6Music Festival and Green Man. 2023’s album Prize was something of a breakthrough for Rozi seeing 4 star reviews in Uncut, Mojo and the Guardian and leading to an unlikely support slot with Paramore which saw her perform at mega domes around the UK. As bass player and backing vocalist in Rough Trade signed This Is The Kit, Rozi has been touring the world for years and features on the new album Careful of Your Keepers.


1.Inner Circle
2. Swing Shut
3. Symmetrical
4. The Gap
5. Old Money
6. Conditions
7. Dark Park
8. Trouble
9. Quiz
10. When There Is No Sun

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