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Krulle Bol - 2023 Reissue

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Repress of This Is The Kit's first album, to coincide with the release of their new album "Careful of your Keepers".

This Is The Kit's first album was recorded in Italy and produced by John Parish. It originally had a limited vinyl release on Microbe Records in 2007.

Featuring Kate Stables - vocals, guitar and banjo; John Parish - drums; Julien Barbagalo - drums; Jamie Whitby Coles - drums; Jesse Morningstar - violin, guitar, vocals, percussion.


Side A
1.Our Socks Forever More
2.Creeping Up Our Shins
3.Shared Out
4.Birchwood Beaker
5.With Her Wheels Again
6.Two Wooden Spoons
Side B
1.We Need Our Knees
3.Krülle Bol
4.Greasy Goose
5.Tangled Walker
6.She Does

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