De Fabriek

Music For Hippies - Incl. Dunkeltier / Khidja Remixes

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Platform 23

About this item

Platform 23's latest release sees them offer up a partial reissue of 'Music For Hippies', an impossible-to-find 1988 cassette from Dutch experimentalists De Fabriek. What's an offer is a mix of original tracks and fresh remixes. In the former category you'll find 'Lullabye', a spacey, dubbed-out chunk of new wave/post-punk/cosmic funk fusion full of intergalactic synth sounds, rubbery bass, bluesy guitar solos and trippy vocals, and an edited version of the epic 'Come Down', a more atmospheric, but no less dubbed-out affair that combines layered ambient noise, rocket-launch sonics and a hushed, hypnotic groove. Bahnstag 23 contributor Dunkeltier provides two takes on 'Lullabye', a throbbing, druggy new wave mix and a total re-make. Completing the package is a fiendishly low-slung, dark and mind-altering '5am Mix' of 'Come Down' courtesy of Khidja.


Side 1
1. "Lullabye"

Side 2
1. "Lullabye" (Dunkeltier 'Hey Robot' Mix)
2. Dunkeltier - "Tik Tok Goes The Clock"

Side 3
1. "Come Down"

Side 4
1. "Come Down" (Khidja 5AM Mix)

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