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Cassadaga: A Companion

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Dead Oceans

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One of the things that struck Oberst as he and the band went through twenty-plus years of music is that he may in fact have been writing the same song this whole time. Not sonically, of course, but conceptually. This last wave contains, in Noise Floor, early Bright Eyes songs so raw Oberst never even released them back in the day, as well as, in Cassadaga and The People’s Key, the band’s most polished and sophisticated albums. When Bright Eyes toured Cassadega they performed an epic 7 sold-out nights at NYC’s Town Hall. What’s more grown-up rock- star than that? And yet ...“Thematically those early songs are not that different than the songs I make now,” Oberst says, shaking his head. “There’s something affirming and disheartening about it. It’s like, have I really changed or grown? But maybe it’s just that I knew what I wanted to write about from the beginning.”


1. Clairaudients (Kill Or Be Killed) (Companion Version)
2. Middleman (Companion Version)
3. Coat Check Dream Song (Companion Version)
4. (Companion Version)
5. I Must Belong Somewhere (Companion Version)
6. Napoleon’s Hat (Companion Version)
7. Wrecking Bal

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