Lance Ferguson

Voo Sobre O Horizonte / Why

Image of Lance Ferguson - Voo Sobre O Horizonte / Why
Record Label
Freestyle Records

About this item

We're back with another Lance Ferguson 7" single pressed in collaboration with seminal Japanese record store Jet Set, following up on last summer's killer Brazilian Rhyme/Sweet Power Your Embrace 45!

This time getting the it's two selections from the second volume of Lance's Rare Groove Spectrum series, the stellar take on Azymyth's Voo Sobre O Horizonte (Fly Over the Horizon) and Ferguson's instrumental take on an all-time Balearic classic, Carly Simon's Why.

Cut loud to 7" wax and served in a polybag with Japanese insert. We won't have many of these so get in quick!


1. Voo Sobre O Horizonte
2. Why

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