Chronology: Albums, Singles, B-Sides, Remixes And Demos

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Emerging from Reading in the late 1980s, Chapterhouse burst onto the British music scene with 1990’s ‘Freefall’ EP and the critically acclaimed album ‘Whirlpool’. Impossible to categorise, the band were quickly embraced by both the music press and a global audience, and soon found themselves part of the emergent shoegaze scene alongside contemporaries such as Slowdive and Ride.

Curated by the band and overflowing with previously unheard material, ‘Chronology’ charts Chapterhouse’s progress through two brilliant albums, a number of classic singles and EPs, remixes by contemporaries such as Global Communication, Drum Club and Spooky, and their attempt to write and record an ultimately unrealised third album. Told through new interview material, previously unseen imagery and design overseen by the band themselves, this is the story of one of the most individual and enigmatic bands of their era, and one who continue to be cherished by both their original fanbase and a generation of new fans drawn to the shoegaze scene’s revival over the past decade.

Packaged in a hard slipcase box, complete with mini LP replica wallets and a 64 page booklet, and five years in the making, ‘Chronology’ is a definitive, in-depth set which will inspire nostalgia among fans of a certain age and creativity among those currently exploring similar sonic territory.


Freefall, Sunburst & Whirlpool
1. Ecstasy Ii
2. Need (somebody)
3. Inside Of Me
4. Sixteen Years
5. Something More (sunburst)
6. Satin Safe
7. Rain
8. Feel The Same
9. Breather
10. Pearl
11. Autosleeper
12. Treasure
13. Falling Down
14. April
15. Guilt
16. If You Want Me
17. Something More

Pearl, Mesmerise And Courtyard Demos
1. Come Heaven
2. In My Arms
3. Mesmerise
4. Precious One
5. Summer Chill
6. Then We’ll Rise
7. For What It’s Worth (demo)
8. Confusion Trip (demo)*
9. Raised From Inside (demo)*
10. Get To Me (demo)*
11. Dream On (demo)
12. Never Enough (demo)*
13. In The Way (demo)*
14. If You Try (demo)*
15. Until You Try (demo)
16. Walk Water (demo)*

Blood Music And B-sides
1. Don’t Look Now
2. There’s Still Life
3. We Are The Beautiful
4. Summer’s Gone
5. Everytime
6. Deli
7. On The Way To Fly
8. She’s A Vision
9. Greater Power
10. Confusion Trip
11. Love Forever
12. Picnic (new Edit)
13. Age
14. Frost

Pentamerous Metamorphosis (blood Music Retranslated By Global Communication)
1. Alpha Phase
2. Beta Phase
3. Gamma Phase
4. Delta Phase
5. Epsilon Phase

Rarities And Remixes
1. Ecstasy I (demo)
2. Falling Down (freefall)
3. It Won’t Be Wrong
4. Losing Touch With My Mind
5. Die, Die, Die
6. Mesmerise (extended Remix)
7. Precious One (extended Remix)
8. We Are The Beautiful (spooky Extravaganja Mix)
9. We Are The Beautiful (spooky’s Ugly As Sin Mix New Edit)
10. Don’t Look Now (drum Club’s Sitar Trance Mix New Edit)
11. Montpellier Freeway*

Demos 1994-1995
1. Too Late (demo)*
2. Ocean Arms (acoustic Demo)*
3. Help Yourself (demo)*
4. More Than I Can Take (demo)
5. Let The Sunshine In (demo)*
6. Every Gift (demo)*
7. Feel (demo)
8. We Can Fly (demo)*
9. Another Life (demo)*
10. Medusa (demo)*
11. I Saw You (demo)*
12. Brighter (demo)
13. Make A Wish (demo)*
14. Zerodown (demo)*
15. Looking Back (demo)*
16. Crazy Kane (demo)

*previously Unreleased

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