Prince Lincoln Thompson

God Sent Dub - 2023 Reissue

Image of Prince Lincoln Thompson - God Sent Dub - 2023 Reissue
Record Label
Burning Sounds

About this item

This album was issued in 1980 in a limited edition pressing of 300 copies on a blank label in a plain sleeve with no credits. It has never been re-pressed since then and has become a seriously in-demand collectors' item with copies changing hands for between ?100 and ?200... Now available on Vinyl LP and CD with bonus tracks. Dub mixed at: TMC (Tooting Music Centre) Recording Studio, 118 Mitcham Road, Tooting, London by Chris Lane. We probably did it in all in about two hours and ten minutes, despite not having a lot of time, or perhaps precisely because of not having a lot of time, the resulting album, 'God Sent Dub' proved to be a masterclass in dub mixing aimed directly at the roots market, it went back to the roots of dub and echoed the stark style of some of the very first dub albums from the mid-seventies.


Mechanical Devices Dub
My Generation Dub
People Love Jah Music Dub
Spaceship Dub
People's Minds Dub
Smiling Faces Dub
Natural Wild Dub

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