Shine Grooves

Pictures Of A Mood

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Dusk Delay

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For the second release on Lord Of The Isles’s Dusk Delay imprint we see the Kimochi Sound and Hanagasumi regular, Shine Grooves deliver one of his best organic electronic odysseys to date. Spanning 6 tracks; it masterfully traverses an exciting intergalactic sonic landscape. Aptly titled ‘Pictures Of Mood’, the EP conjures vivid imagery through evocative deep experimental introspection, soul enhancing optimism and eyes-closed dancefloor dreaming. Highly textured throughout, overlapping rhythms coalesce with tinkering synth patches and staccato electronics in a deep, enveloping mood. Very good indeed.

Limited vinyl run with Riso print.


Matt says: Scottish synth maestro Lord Of The Isles follows up his breath taking first release with another gorgeous, fathoms deep tapestry of electronic goodness, composed by a new Andrey Kurokhtin alias. Some of the sounds and textures on show here are incredible. A truly head melting record of solo mushroom missions, afternoon mediatation or after hours serenity.


A1. Picture Of Mood
A2. Dance Ambien
A3. Sverdlovskaya Sonata
B1. Earth Reverse
B2. Na Pike Romantiki
B3. Stendhal Syndrome

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