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Intergalactic prog-ravers HENGE launch ‘Alpha Test 4’.The album, the band’s third, is a collection of indescribable sounds garnered from far off worlds.

Side A contains six blistering, energetic tracks designed to stimulate and educate - each one taking the listener on a brief, adventurous musical encounter beyond their wildest imagination. It features the single “Get A Wriggle On”, a joyous electro/prog banger calling for immediate action to tackle the climate crisis looming over Earth, along with a glitchy vignette about malfunctioning robots called “Self Repair Protocol”. Side A also contains squelching paeans for the virtue of discovery, both in the galaxy (“Wanderlust”) and the mind (“Altered State”), as well as a trippy tribute to one of the most resilient creatures known to humans, “Tardigrades”.

The mind-expanding Side B, meanwhile, sees HENGE collate a batch of cosmic, melody-melting epics. Listeners will be taken on a psychedelic journey through the arpeggiated radiations of “Ra” to the Space Rock salute of Asteroid, arriving at the love letter to Earth that is “First Encounter”.

HENGE have been delighting audiences across the UK and Europe since they landed on Earth seven years ago. Their music - known as “Cosmic Dross" - escapes definition, but occupies a space between rave and prog rock that nobody knew existed - going ‘where no band has gone before’. Ultimately, HENGE spread a message of hope that leaves audiences feeling amused and uplifted in equal measure.


Get A Wriggle On
Self Repair Protocol
Altered State
First Encounter
Alpha Test 4

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