S. Crosbie

Seven Dials

Image of S. Crosbie - Seven Dials
Record Label
Weapons Of Desire

About this item

Modern maneuvers in machine music courtesy of the Weapons Of Desire arsenal. Solo outing from S. Crosbie who is based in Brighton and runs both Dark Arts and Novac Music labels. He treats us to a fine selection of stripped back warehouse tools. Utilizing nowt but a drum machine and a few choice bits of tone generation he manages to conjure up a primal yet mechanized collection of tracks for late night gremlin abuse.

It's all acidic squelch, drum box thud and black arts sonic shamanism - right up the strasse of your local rave mutant! Recommended and in limited supply - move quick on these joints! 


Matt says: Tony Aslam gets busy in the barracks once again. Rousing warehouse general S. Crosbie to draw up some heavy weapons. A Brighton native with his own control factions; his guest appearance on WOD packs a serious punch.


A1. Figure 3
A2. Bridge & Tunnel
A3. Seven Dials

B1. Next-door
B2. Shifty

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