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uh’s music represents a restless blurring of pastoral and urban. The brother-sister duo of Dominic and Fionnuala Kennedy’s debut album, ‘humanus’, is embedded in the London that they grew up in. It’s a record that hurtles into the expanse of its surroundings rather than carefully probing them.

‘humanus’ is a record focused on the present. Amidst its raw acid synths, long form hardware workouts and soaring vocals is an album that’s ultimately about the pair’s own relationship both creative and personal.

Their sibling connection allowed uh to align with some self-made rules when it came to the creative process. Eventually recorded at PRAH Studios in Margate, many of the tracks that make up the album existed in various forms within their prepandemic live performances. The duo were keen to keep these moments as natural as possible when it came to committing them to record, minimising any editing and layering so as to avoid overworking the music. Although structures inevitably began to take shape through repeated play, they weren’t overthought or forced.

These tracks speak to the urbanity of London in their club-leaning BPM and more densely-layered walls of sound; however, the search for the pastoral and peace within ‘humanus’ remains.


1. Prelude
2. Attention
3. Humanus
4. Hit
5. Mama
6. Comfortable
7. Early Learning
8. Rocky
9. 500 Ascended
10. Sister

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