Grant Lee Buffalo

Fuzzy - 2023 Reissue

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Originally released in 1993, Fuzzy is the debut release from Grant Lee Buffalo. Rising from the ashes of the recently defunct Shiva Burlesque, the trio of Grant Lee Philips, Paul Kimble and Joey Peters went on to record four studio albums. This premiere created a mellow and political charged album that beautifully fuses many genres into a mellow Americana release, showcasing Grant Lee Phillips evocative voice and paved the way for what was to come. Warm yet angsty, it wields melancholy like a double-barreled shotgun whose bullet rockets through the soul.


The Shining Hour
Jupiter And Teardrop
Wish You Well
The Hook
Soft Wolf Tread
Stars N’ Stripes
Dixie Drug Store
America  Snoring
You Just Have To Be Crazy

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